Building Inspections

Visual, invasive and non-invasive inspections of buildings and other structures are essential when buying or selling any property to ensure you know the true condition and potential costs associated with ownership.
But we can do much more, dilapidation reports can help prove any damage was caused during works conducted nearby or to ascertain what maintenance is required to prevent more expensive repairs later and stage building inspections done during construction of new homes can ensure you get a home built to the highest quality and current building standards.

Pest Control

It’s a basic human desire to want a safe, comfortable home with clean drinking water and wholesome foods for ourselves and our families, but then so do all living creatures…. So it’s hardly surprising that insects and rodents want to share in the good life with you.
The problem is some pests can do serious damage resulting in costly repairs or bring dangerous health issues with them and others are just a nuisance.
By applying the principles of integrated pest management we can tailor a solution to suit you without damaging your budget or the planet. We offer a range of inspection and treatment options which take into account the unique conditions and requirements of each client and their situation.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography is a nondestructive testing technique used in building diagnostics, pest management and predictive maintenance programs to investigate the condition of materials and equipment.
By examining the surface temperatures of structures, electrical and mechanical systems we can detect abnormal moisture levels, deterioration and misalignment of rotating equipment, overloads, poor connections, ventilation problems and energy efficiency issues. We can determine unsafe or conducive conditions which can lead to premature failure, pest infestations and operating cost reductions.