I am Buying a House

Whether you are buying your first home,
Or you are a seasoned home shopper, one
thing does not change. You want to know
For sure. You want to know what you are
About to make a serious investment in!

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I am Selling a House

Selling your home can be a very involved
Process. So much to organise! The thing is
That offer will come, and you know they’ll
Be getting a building inspection done.
But do you know what they will find?

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Maintaining a House

They say prevention is better than a cure
Catching out potential issues and pests
Before they become a problem can be the
Most powerful way to stay ahead of the
Maintenance saga that is home ownership

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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Our pre-purchase inspections are ideal for helping you to make that final decision on a property before committing to such a large purchase

Pest Inspections

Our Pest inspections are a comprehensive check of all barriers inplace, as well as an inspection of all potential areas that may already be infested.

Vendor Inspections

Our Vendor Inspections are designed to help you know what will come up in the negotiation phase, so there are no surprises near settlement day!