Pest Control

At Prescan, we are all about our clients. We have been performing building inspections in and around Adelaide for some time now. We have also been collecting data to inform you where there might be termite activity or upon inspections we have found damage caused by termites.

The following map has been created with Crm-Maps using our data.

The    red icon notes that termites have been found in the area.

           The   yellow icon notes that termite damage but no termites present.

 The   green icon notes that no damage and no termites present.

These will give you information for an area and not a specific address.

This is an interactive map, so you can click on the icons to view what damage or pests are present.

We hope you will find this information useful, and ask that you contact us if you are looking at purchasing a home in the areas that indicate termite activity to perform a termite inspection for you.