Adelaide’s Property Inspection Experts

Know for sure … get the right advice before you buy.

A house is the largest and most expensive investment you will ever make during your life. You simply must be aware of any damage or structural issues before you commit to making a purchase.

Order a thorough pre-purchase inspection and eliminate the risk of uncovering problems after you have moved in.

Prescan Property Inspection’s highly experienced property inspector will conduct a thorough pre-purchase examination of your prospective house.

We’re on the lookout for defects, safety problems that have the potential to turn your dream home into a nightmare.

Covering metropolitan Adelaide and beyond, Prescan will visit the property and spend time on site to assess areas including:

● Overall structural integrity
● Termite and timber pests
● Mould and rising damp
● Asbestos
● Roof damage
● Pool fencing safety

As a buyer, you will receive an extensive report notifying you of any areas of the property in need of urgent repair. You’ll also receive a ‘heads up’ about what will need attention in the years to come.