Vendor Inspections

Our vendor building inspection reports are designed for those who like to know what they can expect when the negotiations commence.

The last thing you want is to get the offer you have been waiting for, only to have something unexpected come up in the purchaser’s building inspection report.

Our vendor reports follow largely the same processes as our pre-purchase building inspections, with just a few key differences.

Access To Reduced Price Reinspections

Normally when you sell your home and a building inspection is completed, there is no ‘take 2’.

Rather than having the opportunity to get some of the issues fixed up, you are suddenly hit by a purchaser looking to enter negotiations on price reductions.

On all of our vendor reports, we offer an extremely affordable secondary inspection report.

This secondary inspection is your opportunity to know that the previously identified issues have indeed been rectified, as well as giving you documentation of the maintenance needs being discovered and corrective action having taken place.

In the same way that your service log book shows that your car is well maintained, this second report shows that the property has had recent maintenance; meaning it will have extended durability and a longer period before more maintenance is needed.

Potential To Refer Buyers

Any potential buyer’s that are looking at your home will know that they need to be getting a building inspection completed.

As part of your negotiations and initial marketing, you will be able to tell them with confidence that the property is in pristine condition, and follow this up with documented proof by means of referral.

Any would-be purchasers will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of your vendor report from us. This report comes at a fraction of the price they would otherwise be paying for a report, and still comes from an impartial third party.

It has been recommended that the report could be given without charge, but in actual fact the small fee purchasers are charged actually ensures that they are fully covered by insurance on the report and its findings, as well as ensuring impartiality.

Suffice to say, when you are selling your home any information you can use to show the quality and value of your property will be of great use!

At Prescan Property Inspections, we understand that knowledge is power.

We understand that when it comes to selling your home you are constantly looking for that competitive edge to make it more attractive to buyers!

We understand that a building inspection coming back with surprises during an offer stage, will not only jeopardize your offer, but that it will also put you on the back foot in the negotiation process!

Know for sure!

Get A Vendor Report Quote!